FSM Theory


We have already discussed that there is matter, energy and information and these three aspects of life are intimately connected through its vibrational nature. In a normal cell, the myriad of vibrating atomic particles are creating and holding a pattern that manifests optimal function in all aspects of cellular life. In the injured or diseased cell, the pattern for optimal function has been changed to some degree by an energetic influence from the injury or the disease process, and its effects remain long after the initial insult. This electromagnetic pattern continues to exert its influence on cellular function until another electromagnetic pattern capable of neutralizing this effect can erase it and allow the reestablishment of a normal electromagnetic pattern. This is where Frequency Specific Microcurrent is thought to have its effect.


Dr. James Oschman, a Ph.D. biophysicist, in his book Energy Medicine, brings together the research in molecular and vibrational medicine of the last 50 years. He states that we can no longer view the cell as a bag of fluid in which float the structures that do the cell’s work. Rather, science has now shown us that the cell is highly organized in such a way that it is arranged primarily as a liquid crystal that conveys and stores current, charge and vibrational information. He goes on to say that, “Every part of the body, including all of the molecules so thoroughly studied by modern science…form a continuously interconnected semiconductor electronic network. Each component of the organism, even the smallest part, is immersed in and generates a constant stream of vibratory information.” This explanation goes a long way toward explaining why emotional and physical traumas can persist in tissues for months or years. It also validates the experience of patients and doctors that long after the body or emotions should have healed, one day the healing takes place almost suddenly, as if some magnetic field had been turned off, releasing its hold on the person.


In his book Vibrational Medicine, Richard Gerber, MD discusses the principle of biologic resonance. When electrons are whirling about in an atom, it takes energy in the form of a very specific frequency to excite the electrons into a higher energy orbit. And when the electrons fall back to their former orbits, they release energy in the exact same frequency that it took to raise them to the higher orbit. This principle of resonance is what makes imaging using an MRI possible. Each tissue’s atomic electrons are being made to jump up and down in their orbits thereby releasing very specific frequencies of light that paint a detailed picture of what the tissues look like.


From the work of Dr. Herbert Frolich in the Department of Physics at Liverpool, England, we now know and it has been confirmed by others, that living tissue produces coherent or laser-like vibrations that radiate out into the environment. It would be like someone with a handful of pebbles throwing them up into the air over a still pond. Each pebble would radiate a pattern of waves equal to its impact energy. The thousands of ripples would radiate out to every part of the pond in repeating patterns until the energy was dissipated. Dr. Oschman, in his discussion of Frolich’s work, discusses the implications by saying that, “Each cell, tissue and organ has an ideal resonant frequency that coordinates its activities. By manipulating and balancing the vibratory circuits, complementary therapists are able to directly influence the body’s systemic defense and repair mechanisms…The molecular web is more than a structure. It is a continuous vibratory network. As such, it presents possibilities of profound biological and clinical significance”.


A final thought. Water may assume three observed states: solid, liquid and gas. When there is an absence of energy in the form of heat waves, it rests cooled as ice. As heat energy is applied, the solid ice turns to liquid water. If heat energy continues to be applied the liquid water becomes steam. Frequency Specific Microcurrent is an energy that supplies informational frequencies to our cells and tissues that will eliminate dysfunctional energies and  restore vibrational normality. 




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