The Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) Story

Electricity for the treatment of human health conditions dates back to 2750 BC with the use of electric eels to shock sick people back to health. Magnetic rocks were used over the body to heal in ancient Africa and in other cultures of antiquity.

Franz Anton Mesmer started using magnets in the late 1700s. The development of electric current in various forms in the 1700s brought about all kinds of experiments in clinical electromagnetism. In the USA, over 10,000 doctors were using electromagnetism on a daily basis by the 1880s. However, the emerging pharmaceutical industry needed doctors to conduct field trials of their newly discovered drugs. Various legal and illegal means were employed to discredit and dismantle clinical electromagnetism. Electromagnetc treatment started to see a decline and eventually was officially banned by the AMA before the start of World War II.

Despite the raids and charges of "quackery" many people were benefited by the pioneering work of these doctors of  clinical  electromagnetism. Dr. Albert Abrams in the early 1900s found very specific frequencies that had predictable therapeutic effects and is given the credit for the start of frequency specific microcurrent. Today, the Abrams Frequencies are still in use and selected frequencies have been validated in modern research studies.

Homeopaths were very much drawn to the electrical nature of healing. Harold Van Gelder and others were aware that their homeopathic remedies were actually energetic frequencies that had a corrective effect in the body. They noted that microcurrents, tiny amounts of electrical current, when passed through the body produced a very rapid normalization of function. From the 1930s until about 15 years ago, microcurrent treatment in the USA was carried out somewhat under cover and without fanfare.

With the recent discovery of old journals detailing the frequencies used by the electromagnetic and microcurrent pioneers, interest in therapeutic microcurrent treatment was rekindled. Dr. Carolyn McMakin, a chiropractor from Portland, Oregon, brought microcurrent technology up to modern day standards and in the mid-1990s began teaching doctors and other licensed health care providers how to use frequency specific microcurrent (FSM) for the treatment of many different conditions. Her machine, made by Precision Micro, has FDA approval. Her courses are very intense and emphasize both theory and practice. She serves as the Grande Dame of FSM in the United States today.

Dr. Raphael d'Angelo and his wife Nancy graduated in 2003 from the basic and advanced courses in FSM as taught by Dr. Carolyn McMakin.

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