What is Frequency Specific Microcurrent?

FSM is the application of specific frequencies of electrical current to the human body. The current is in millionths of an ampere called micro amps, which is below the threshold of sensation. In other words, the current is so tiny that the person receiving a treatment can't feel it. Our cells operate and respond to current in the micro amp range. In the beginning, patients often confuse Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) with FSM, as they have had EMS in physical therapy or at the chiropractor’s office. EMS along with TENS is 1000 times greater current than Frequency Specific Microcurrent.

 About the FSM Machine

The machine has various knobs and settings which allow the doctor to vary the treatment to the exact needs of the patient. There are two channels of current which are running simultaneously. The "A" channel carries the frequency for the corrective action desired. The "B" channel calls up the tissue that is to receive the corrective action. Each channel can be set for a frequency of 0.1 to 999. The early pioneers of microcurrent worked out an extensive list of specific frequencies for both corrective actions and tissues. Thus, a treatment consists of a series of corrective action frequencies coupled with the frequencies for tissues that need the correction.

What is Happening to Cells During a Treatment?

Basically, all matter is composed of atomic particles that carry energy and information. The energy and information are contained in the unique vibrational nature of the atoms. So it is said that all matter is in vibration and sustains an electromagnetic field. Another name for this process in our cells is “Biologic Resonance”. When a lead crystal glass receives the vibrational energy from a signers’ note that exactly matches the holding power of the glass crystal atoms, they absorb the energy and information from this frequency and the glass shatters! In like manner, a microcurrent frequency is thought to affect cells in such a way that a dysfunctional frequency stuck within a cell will be neutralized. The cell can then resume its normal functions, one of which is making a most vital energy molecule – ATP. Studies have shown that microcurrent can cause an increase in cellular ATP production up to 500%. A more detailed explanation may be found on the page marked “FSM Theory”.

How Long Does a Treatment Last?

A treatment may be as short as 15 minutes or last up to 90 minutes in some instances. Most treatments take anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes.

How is the Current Delivered to the Body?

The current is applied to the body by using moist towels placed on the skin to which the microcurrent wires are attached. In some cases, the doctor will wear special moistened graphite gloves placed in contact with the skin and direct the current into specific structures such as muscles, tendons and nerves.

Patient Preparation


The average adult should consume 16 - 20 ounces of water in the two hours before a treatment. Small adults and children would drink less, and larger adults would drink more. Being well hydrated is critical to the success of a treatment as the current runs through the water around our cells.


Patient Precautions

Women who are pregnant are not a candidate for microcurrent treatment. We generally can treat people with newer types of cardiac pacemakers. People with vertigo may have difficulty tolerating microcurrent - it may temporarily make the vertigo worse. I have not found this to be a problem for the most part and it is worth a try if you do have vertigo. Although the literature states that some pain conditions may be temporarily made worse and will resolve after 24 hours, I have yet to find this to be the case and to date I have had no patient with such a report of pain being made worse.


What You Need to Know After Treatment


It is necessary that you consume 1 to 2 quarts of water in the 4 hours after treatment to avoid a detoxification reaction that may consist of headache, generalized aches or lethargy. Microcurrent cleans out cells of toxic debris which needs to clear your system. The liver and kidneys will do this job. Extra water helps flush the toxins out. Taking an antioxidant (like vitamin C or Vitamin E) will also help you avoid a detox reaction. If you feel that you are developing these symptoms, drink more water and take extra antioxidants. Such a reaction will usually be gone in a few hours. Avoid tap water. Drink filtered water for all your water consumption whenever possible.


What Can I Expect During a Treatment?


This is a painless treatment. Current will be applied to the skin using gloves or moist towels positioned to supply current most effectively to the tissue(s) being treated. You will be in a recliner, chair or lying down depending on the nature of the problem.  In many instances, one may feel relaxed and sometimes become drowsy during treatment. At the conclusion, you will be encouraged to drink some water and possibly offered an antioxidant supplement.


How Often Do I Take a Treatment?

As a general rule one may receive a treatment once or twice a week. Of course there are exceptions depending upon the nature of the problem being addressed.


What Can I Expect FSM to Accomplish?

FSM basically decreases pain and reduces inflammation in the tissues of the body. Our cells are like plastic in the sense that they have been bent out of shape by injury or disease. Microcurrent provides an energy that bends them back into proper shape, so to speak. How long the cells stay normal may vary from a few hours to a few days initially. With repeated treatment they are less and less likely to resume their dysfunctional pattern and more likely to remain normal or close to normal. How long this process will take cannot be determined with accuracy at the start. However, as a general rule, if we are dealing with an injury that has occurred within the prior 4 to 24 hours, expedient FSM treatment may produce rapid normalization and obviate the need for further treatment of the injury.

 On the other end of the spectrum are the chronic conditions that have been unresponsive to “waiting it out” or various other therapies which may have produced little or no results. FSM treatments will have a cumulative effect in 3 to 6 sessions that will have either resolved the problem or started an encouraging trend toward repair and resolution. It must be said that compared to other types of treatment modalities, rapid recovery is the rule and not the exception; and it often makes a difference in a few treatments which is why FSM is such a cost effective choice.